How to Place a Guest Post Order in the Marketplace

How to Place a Guest Post Order Through OutreachMantra

OutreachMantra lets you publish guest posts on thousands of blogs with the fastest turnaround time. After creating an account, and loading the balance in your wallet, you can explore the marketplace and choose the sites that fit your parameters.

In this article, we will focus on how you can place an order on OutreachMantra. So let’s see how you can do it from your advertiser’s dashboard.

Placing An Order

In the previous post, we learned how to create an account and add funds, if you have not added funds already, do it first.

1. Head over to the marketplace, and explore the sites. If you have already found your desired site, click on the direct checkout button, and a new page will open.

direct checkout

2. Now select the content type, if you have the content ready, select provide content, and if you don’t have the content ready, select the “Hire a writer” option.

3. Select the attachment file in case you are providing the content, make sure the file is either in either of the formats (doc, docx, txt, pdf File).

4. The next step is to provide instructions, if there are no special instructions, click on the suggestions and it will auto insert in the instructions text field.

5. That’s it, now click on the checkout button and your order will be placed.

If you don’t have content, and want us to write it for you, select the “Hire a writer” option.

A new page will show up, please provide us with the correct details.

1. Title suggestion – Please provide a suitable title for your guest post. For example, if your want to publish a guest post to promote your VPN service, then the title should be related to it, say, “How to install VPN on Router” and then select the word count.

2. Word Count – We recommend selecting 1000 words, and for writing style select Article/blog.

3. Keyword & Target URL – In the keywords section, enter the anchor text which you want to target, say, “Best VPN in 2022”, and the target URL should be of the page you want to rank higher in SERP.

If there is more than 1 anchor, please click on add new button and enter a new anchor and URL.

Please note, you can only promote one blog in one sponsored post, however, most of the webmasters allow you to add up to 2 Dofollow links, but of the same domain.

4. Instructions – Now provide instructions if any.

Next, hit on the Checkout button.

That’s how you place a direct checkout order. Faster than the Buzz Light Year’s take-off, isn’t it?

For bulk orders, the steps are the same, add multiple sites from the marketplace to your cart, then click on the cart and provide all the necessary details, similar to what we have discussed above.

If there’s any issue while placing an order, reach out to, and our virtual assistant will get back to you and help you out.

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