Why I'm not getting any orders

Why I’m not getting any Orders from OutreachMantra?

Publishers often keep asking us “Why I’m not getting any orders from OutreachMantra?

Firstly, there is a Recession going on where all the agencies have stopped advertising due to the economic crisis.

The economic conditions around the world are clearly challenging to everyone.

Even after so many agencies have stopped investing in advertising, we are still working with active advertisers who are still running their campaigns and publishing articles daily.

Here are main reasons why you are not getting any orders:

  1. Not Relevant – Advertiser has already viewed your blog, but it was not relevant to their niche, so they are not interested.
  2. Price – Advertisers have a limited budget and the price to publish articles on your blog might be costly, which is not suitable for their campaigns.
  3. Traffic – All advertisers have a specific set of metrics that they refer to, if your blog does not qualify for any of the metrics advertisers are simply going to skip your site.

How can I get more orders?

This is not in your control and neither us, it is totally dependent on advertisers, so you need to have patience. Your blog is visible to advertisers if any advertiser is interested in publishing an article on your blog it will be published and you’ll be notified.

If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us at this email – admin@outreachmantra.com

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